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FUE Hair transplant cost in Jaipur

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Everybody desires a full hair head look, but unfortunately, many lose hair early due to numerous reasons like stress, age, genetic issues, environmental causes and baldness. There are many temporary solutions to your baldness, but a hair transplant is the most permanent and is now a realistic choice that helps restore hair. There is no better option for you than DR Shivam’s Hair Transplant Clinic in Jaipur. If you are seeking a cheap FUE hair transplant Transplant Cost in Jaipur. Here, the expert surgeon, Dr Shivam, offers an efficient hai transplant option that helps people to grow smooth, natural-looking hair. There are many hair treatment techniques used by Dr Shivam’s clinic; the surgeon performs the procedure via the FUE method.

What is the FUE Hair Transplant technique?

The FUE hair transplant technique or Follicular Unit Extraction technique is a procedure that helps replace thinning hair. The method works by extracting hair follicles from the donor area, generally from the back and sides of the scalp, and transplanting these extracted follicles to the thinning area of the head. The procedure is the most commonly used latest method that demands skill and precision to attain the best and most natural-looking outcomes. The technique works by extracting the roots from donor sites in groups of one to four hairs and transplanting these to the thinning or bald scalp area. FUE transplant costs are much more affordable in Jaipur. The steps involved in the FUE hair treatment procedure are :

  • At first, the surgeon will remove grafts in groups of one and four chairs. These are extracted from the sides of the hairs on the back of the neck using a special instrument.
  • Then, these extracted roots are transferred to the scalp’s thinning or bald area and implanted using a stereo microscope.
  • Surgeons have to take care when implanting hair at the correct angle to make it the same as the old hair. After that, the newly transplanted hair blends perfectly and appears as a natural hair pattern.

If you seek an FUE hair transplant in Jaipur, DR Shivam’s Hair Transplant Clinic is the best option. The fastest way to learn all the details regarding the FUE technique is to book a consultation at the clinic. This will also help you determine whether you are the perfect candidate for FUE.

Advantages of FUE hair transplant in Jaipur

FUE hair transplant procedure is popular worldwide and is a highly effective procedure that is highly recommended. Dr Shivam’s Hair Transplant clinic in Jaipur proudly offers FUE hair transplants at affordable rates. There are many advantages of FUE hair transplant in Jaipur :

  • No big scars

The FUE technique is better than others because it does not leave a scar on your head. This sophisticated technique does not include any visible, prominent scars.

  • Fast healing

The FUE hair transplant procedure is reliable and efficient. The primary advantage of this technique is that it helps quickly. Previously, the healing time could take months, but it has been reduced to a week with FUE.

  • No stitches

The FUE technique is painless, and owing to technological advances, you do not need stitches post-transplant. You can have short hair after the procedure, and nobody can make it that you have undergone a hair transplant.

  • Consistent results

FUE hair transplants offer natural and permanent results, especially by experienced hands like DR Shivam in Jaipur. The process is recognized worldwide for its consistency, and the best aspect is that surgeons have control over how your hair will grow and strategically place roots over your head.

  • Reduce the infection risk.

The FUE technique is painless and involves no postoperative infections like some other procedures.

  • Natural Hair Quality

FUE hair transplants offer a natural look, and nobody can notice that you have undergone a hair transplant procedure. It is the best solution for those who desire to look young again and wish to get rid of baldness permanently.

  • Comfort post-surgery

The FUE technique ensures comfort post-surgery because the procedure involves using sedatives in dental visits. Post-surgery, you can go back home the next day without any pain. Also, the chances of complications post-surgery are minimal because this surgery does not harm your body.

FUE hair transplant cost in India

India is now amongst the most popular destination for hair transplant procedures because of its high quality of care and affordable prices. The FUT or FUE cost in India depends upon many factors, such as the clinic’s location and the stages of baldness. Each graft may contain one hair root to four or five per graft, and the average per graft ratio is about 2.1 to 2.2. In clinics where the FUE technique done by surgeons uses their transplant pure, the starting range of the hair transplant procedure is about INR 80,000, and the cost may also go up to INR 1,30,000. In the FUE hair restoration procedure, the price of a hair graft may range between INR 60 and INR 150, depending on the overall treatment plan for the FUE hair transplant procedure. People with 2-3 baldness may need up to 1500-2500 grafts for successful hair transplant results. If the case is evaluated at the fourth to sixth grade of baldness, then there will be the need for more than 3500-5000 grafts to treat hair loss through surgical procedures. Thus, as per the estimation that up to 3000-3500 Grafts, the cost of Hair Transplant in India can be approximately INR 3,30 000. Within the same cities of India, the price varies from clinic to clinic; thus, it is vital to always choose quality over cost to get the most efficient results. If you want to know the exact price of a FUE transplant and the number of grafts needed, then it is vital to consult the best surgeon in Jaipur. At DR Shivam’s hair transplant clinic in Jaipur, you will get personalized consultations to learn all the details of your condition.

Factors affecting hair transplant cost in Jaipur

FUE technology is the most accurate, latest, and consistent way to perform hair transplantation. When considering hair transplants in Jaipur, you must understand the factors that greatly affect the overall cost of the procedure. Here are some key factors that affect the FUE hair transplant cost:

Number of grafts

The hair transplantation price varies and depends on the number of grafts needed for desired outcomes. The gift requirement depends upon the extent of hair loss and the required hair density, and thus, the cost increases as the number of grafts used increases. The graft cost also depends upon many factors, including the surgeon’s experience, technique, qualification, available grafts, and location. However, the bald patch’s size determines the exact restoration cost.

Technique used

However, the FUE cost per graft is higher than that of FUT because it is a new and more advanced technique. FUT and FUE techniques have different costs, which the surgeon will discuss in advance. Also, the cost of a hair transplant in men is higher than that of women because men need more grafts than women due to extensive hair loss.


The cost also depends on the person’s age, as age plays a crucial role in hair transplant cost valuation. Younger people who seek hair transplants need fewer grafts, which is low-cost. Older people need more grafts on a larger patch, ultimately increasing costs.

Area of baldness

The baldness area also affects the overall cost, as hair required for greater coverage affects the overall cost. Also, more extensive patches require more grafts, which ultimately increase the cost.

Number of sessions needed

The FUE transplant cost also varies according to the sessions needed to complete the entire hair transplantation procedure, impacting the price. If any extra sessions are required, they may increase the total expenses, determined by the duration and resources used in these additional sessions.

Well-qualified and highly trained surgeons

There are many popular hair transplant clinics with experienced surgeons and advanced facilities. Clinics with highly qualified surgeons and well-trained staff charge more than others as they assure better quality services. However, Dr Shivam’s Hair transplant clinic in Jaipur ensures affordable prices with high-quality services and care.

Extra cost

Excluding the treatment cost or the base cost of the procedure, many other additional costs should be considered. These extra costs include preoperative consultations, postoperative follow-ups, prescribed medications, etc. It is best to consult with your surgeon in advance during your initial consultations to prevent any sudden charges and to know the exact cost of a FUE hair transplant.

Technology and equipment used

The cost of a hair transplant varies depending on the type of equipment used. Clinics that use the latest, highest-quality equipment generally charge more.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur

Hair loss can be distressing and disturbing for many people, promoting them to seek the best solution for hair restoration. There are many treatment options, but none can match the efficiency of the hair transplant procedure in Jaipur at DR Shivam’s Hair Transplant clinic, as a qualified professional performs it. However, Jaipur boasts many clinics that provide hair transplant services, but here at DR Shivam’s clinic, you will get the most affordable cost. Also, the clinic protects safety and employs the latest techniques and protocols to perform surgeries. Dr Shivam uses the FUE hair transplant technique. The method is simple but requires expert hands to ensure excellent results. If you seek a long-term cure for hair thinning or loss, visit DR Shivam’s hair transplant clinic in Jaipur for natural and great results. Book your consultation today if you seek the best hair restoration method and to know all about the Follicular unit extraction cost and other details.

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