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Hair Loss Surgery Cost In Jaipur

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Hair loss is a common issue that affects both genders, regardless of age. However, many treatment methods in India can help you conceal hair and prevent hair loss recurrence. If you are suffering from hair loss and wish to go for hair transplant surgery in Jaipur and are worried about the hair loss surgery price, then do not worry, as the city offers the most affordable rates.

Dr Shivam’s Hair Clinic in Jaipur offers affordable hair loss transplant costs. The clinic uses innovative techniques; thus, your transplant results will be astonishing and painless. Dr. Shivam, a skilled surgeon in Jaipur, uses various methods, including FUE, FUT, Bio IPT, etc, and offers individualized treatment programs per patient’s requirements. Consult today to get yourself examined at Dr Shivam’s hair transplant clinic in Jaipur to start your transforming journey to restore glory and regain self-confidence.

What is a hair transplant procedure? 

Hair transplant is a most preferred surgical process that involves extraction of hair roots from the donor area of the body and transplanted to bald areas. Initially, the procedure was considered best for people with male pattern baldness, but now, with advancements in the technique, it can cure or restore female hair loss, mustaches, beards, brows, eyelashes, and chest hair, and also repair surgical scars. The receding hairline hair transplant cost is affordable but varies and depends upon many factors associated with the procedure. The significant factor that impacts the price is the number of hair grafts used to get the expected results. However, many other factors will be discussed below to help you understand everything. 

Hair loss surgery costs in Jaipur 

Hair transplant surgery helps treat hair loss and baldness caused by many factors like hormonal changes, bad lifestyle habits, poor diet, genetic factors, smoking, and many other medical procedures. Some people think it is an expensive procedure, but the cost of an alopecia hair transplant is determined by many factors and is different for everyone. There are numerous factors that influence the cost : 

Which hair transplant clinic do you choose? 

The most important factor on which the cost depends is the clinic you choose, as the cost structure differs based on the team involved who carries out the procedure. The surgeon’s experience is the most vital factor, and the clinic’s location also influences the cost. The costs of the hair transplant clinic in Jaipur are quite affordable, as Dr Shivam’s hair transplant clinic offers hair transplant options at budget rates. 

What is the degree of baldness? 

The degree or grade of baldness is also a significant factor that affects the cost of hair transplants, as the cost is proportional to the level of baldness. The price varies and depends upon clinic to clinic, so it is advisable to compare the costs of the same clinics before choosing the best one. In severe baldness, the number of grafts increases, and so does the cost. A stage 3A level of baldness may need approximately 1400 to 1800 grafts, costing you about INR 42000 to INR 54000. Stage 7 baldness needs approximately 2500 to 3200 hair grafts, possibly costing you about INR 75000 to INR 96000. 

Which technique is used for hair transplant? 

As we know, many techniques are available nowadays that aim to successfully revitalise the scalp and restore hair growth. The total hair loss surgery price is estimated by considering the procedure that must be done after contributing 50 percent of the cost of hair restoration. There are many different procedures, and all the procedures have different cost structures. The most common hair transplantation techniques are FUE and FUT. Dr. Shivam’s Hair Transplant clinic in Jaipur provides many of the latest hair transplant techniques; however, the surgeon will first discuss the options with you and help you choose the best one based on your circumstances and hair requirements. 

How many grafts are used? 

The next factor that contributes to the cost of the hair transplant procedure is the number of grafts used to get the desired results. The dimensions of the bald area contribute a lot in terms of cost because the charges that the hair transplant clinic determines are entirely as per the number of grafts extracted as well as transplanted. The graft cost generally is within the range of INR 25 to INR 120. The surgeon may determine the number of grafts needed based on your condition.

Is there a donor graft availability?

The availability of donor grafts also affects the entire cost of hair transplants. Generally, hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head as it is the primary donor area, but if that area has thin hair, then follicles are taken from other body parts, such as the chest or beard. This alternative option is challenging and time-consuming, thus increasing the overall cost. 

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions required for a hair transplant influences the overall cost, and each session takes about four to eight hours. A surgeon transplants about 3000 to 4000 grafts in a single session, though more than 4000 grafts can also be needed. Every additional session will increase the cost of hair transplantation because it involves extra resources, extra time, and expertise.

The price and number of grafts you require 

Hair grafts taken from the donor site in India may cost about INR 25 to INR 45. The price may increase depending on the techniques used, the number of grafts, the level of baldness, and your expectations. The base price of the hair transplant starts at about INR 25000 for 1000 grafts, and this is just for the grafts. Every clinic has different costs, including consultations, surgical techniques, any medications needed, and postoperative care. Generally, the graft cost is between INR 20 and INR 30, making about INR 100000 and INR 150000 for 5000 grafts. The surgeon at Dr Shivam’s Hair Transplant clinic in Jaipur will discuss your options and determine the best course of action to treat your baldness. The hair loss transplant cost is quite affordable here and will be discussed in detail with the patients.

Types of Hair Transplants and Their Price 

Expert surgeons in India use many types of hair transplant techniques, and all have different cost criteria. However, many other factors also influence the cost of the entire procedure, like the extent of baldness, the number of grafts, and the surgeon’s experience. Approximately the cost of hair transplant techniques in India are : 

FUE hair transplant 

This hair transplant technique involves individual extraction. The grafts are pulled from the donor site one by one using an instrument. After extracting the hair follicles, they are transplanted to the desired bald area. The cost of FUE hair Transplants ranges from INR 40000 to INR 130000 per graft, each containing three hair follicles. The price per graft is INR 20 to INR 150. 

FUT hair transplant

In this hair transplant technique, a strip is extracted from the donor site and then cut into sections, and each hair root is operated one by one. Then, these roots are transplanted at the desired bald area as [er the hairline design. The FUT hair transplant starts from INR 20 to INR 180 per graft, excluding taxes. 

However, these approximate cost ranges vary depending on the above-listed factors. It is recommended that you consult with a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable hair transplant surgeon to get an exact cost estimate based on your specific requirements. There is no specific age for hair transplants, and the procedure’s feasibility is decided based on the individual situation and condition. The results of a hair transplant done by an experienced surgeon last forever, and the hair roots stay intact throughout life. 

What is the hair transplant cost in Jaipur at the best hair transplant clinic? 

Hair transplants performed using the advanced technique have higher success rates but only when done by an expert and experienced surgeon. The procedure is a huge success, and the best clinics in Jaipur offer world-class services to all patients and meet international standards. The hair loss surgery cost in Jaipur at Dr Shivam’s hair Transplant clinic is often as per grafts model that ranges from INR 40 to INR 120; however, there is much competition nowadays, the prices at each hair transplant clinic are similar, and the quality of service and care varies. The entire cost ranges from INR 60000 to INR 400000 in Jaipur, depending on various factors. 

Dr Shivam’s Hair Transplant clinic in Jaipur is one of the best places to get a hair transplant in Jaipur as the expert surgeon, DR Sjivam Goyal, has a wealth of expertise and is committed to giving the best possible care with cutting-edge solutions. The clinic is well known for offering reasonably priced hair transplants in Jaipur, and the treatment performed by Dr. Shivam is the most recent FUE technique, in which hair roots are extracted using the Safe Scribe Machine, which the FDA approves. 

DR Shivam Goyal is a renowned name in Jaipur specializing in skin and hair treatments and has many years of dermatological experience. If you are seeking the best and most affordable hair transplant, visit Dr Shivam’s Hair Transplant clinic in Jaipur for the most comfortable hair transplant experience.

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